The HCS Group

The HCS Group specializes in providing first class mobile imaging services and strategic sales and marketing outsourcing initiatives. Rather than take a "one-size fits all approach", our leadership team invests the time to learn about our client's strategic goals and then customize our services to accomplish their individual objectives.
By taking an individual approach to addressing our client's specific challenges, The HCS Group has gained an extraordinary track record of client satisfaction.


The HCS Group was founded on these core principles:

Sincerity: Genuine interest in the success of our clients and employees

Obsession: Obsessed with providing the highest level of quality and outcomes

Leadership: Focusing on new strategies for success

Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the client's specific needs

Teamwork: Create a collaborative work environment

Integrity: Adhere to the highest standard of ethical conduct

Observant: Pay close attention to the details

Nimble: Swiftly adjust to the ever-changing healthcare environment

Service: Strive to provide an unparalleled level of service excellence